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  1. Grozil   Tojaran
    This was primarily in the 18th zbigoxsopassperreticomdurchmaldiscma.xyzinfos often in indications to performers of the speed of a piece of music, as in allegro assai, very fast, or allegro assai moderato, very moderately fast Italian.
  2. Tekree   Magrel
    Nr. 5, Menuetto (Moderato assai, ) ist mehr eine Paraphrase oder eine Invokation eines Menuetts als ein wirklicher klassischer Tanz. No. 5, Menuetto (Moderato assai; ).This is more a paraphrase or evocation of a minuet than a regular classical dance.
  3. Vujar   Fenrishakar
    I. Moderato assai The first movement, moderato assai (very moderate), contains a typical twelve-bar blues progression. Still titled this movement 'Longing' in his notebook.
  4. Mozragore   Akitilar
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  5. Kigajinn   Yozshusho
    The Italian musical phrase allegro moderato is an indication to play in a moderately quick tempo; on the slow side of allegro. BPM of Allegro Moderato: Allegro moderato has between beats per minute.
  6. Fenris   Tujora
    The first movement, Moderato assai, opens with a plaintive theme for English horn that transforms into a bluesy muted trumpet solo. The second theme group has the clear echoes of a spiritual; like Dvorák, Still generally composed such passages in characteristic style rather than borrowing them from pre-existing sources. The second movement.
  7. Kajirr   Malakazahn
    tempo [Ital.,=time], in music, the speed of a composition. The composer's intentions as to tempo are conventionally indicated by a set of Italian terms, of which the principal ones are presto (very fast), vivace (lively), allegro (fast), moderato (moderate), andante (moderate, literally a "walking" tempo), adagio (slow), lento (slower than adagio), and largo (very slow); accelerando.
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