8 thoughts on Dirty Soaked Tampon (Original Mix) - Menstruation Monsters - Dirty Soaked Tampon (Vinyl)

  1. Vudodal   Yozshujora
    Jul 02,  · Depending on how old you are, tampons are either your best friend or your worst nightmare. At 14, I wouldn't dare look at my vagina, let alone stick .
  2. Mazuhn   Vulrajas
    I'm 19 and have been using tampons for a couple of years now. I have always had to remove the tampon before peeing because whenever I do pee, the tampon soaks up urine. I know that it does this because I can feel a 'bubbling' sensation in my vagina and when I remove the tampon.
  3. Zulkilar   Taujind
    My girlfriend comes and stay the weekend at my house during the summer since my parents visit my aunt every weekend, so I'm home alone. obviously, she's bound to have her period every few weeks, but when she's here, she just takes a used tampon and just leaves it in the toilet, un-flushed and once she even took it out in the shower and just left it by the drain.
  4. Taugrel   Shalar
    Jan 08,  · how to use tampons in menstruation, how to insert tampons in menstruation in hindi, how to use tampons in period s in hindi, how put tampons on, tampon, how.
  5. Jurr   Nemuro
    I actually went out and got my own box of tampons—Tampax Pearl Plastic Regular are the best (they’re the easiest to insert)—which I keep hidden. I have a few questions: 1.
  6. Mirg   Magis
    Dec 30,  · Your a lucky girl it could be a lot harder. Every Sissy should have there Period every 28 days, and have to go to the store to buy Maxi-Pads & Tampon and when asked by the female store clerk if that need help, have to say, Yes, I need some Maxi-Pads and Tampons for my Period.
  7. Zulugis   Meztill
    Dirty Tampon drink recipe made with Grain Alcohol,Lemon juice,Vodka,Tomato Juice,. How to make a Dirty Tampon with all the instructions and ingredients. home. Mix ingredients together in a large glass and if your feelin tough you can even drink it! Add a tea bag for .
  8. Shalkree   Kijind
    Has anyone had any experience having sex while using a sea sponge tampon? I read somewhere that it feels similar to vaginal tissue. Is this true? Is the tampon noticeable to the .

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