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    Summer is traditionally the best time to take a long-distance drive—whether you’re visiting family and friends, heading to a theme park or just getting away from it all, there’s nothing like.
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    CD-R shelf life refers to the length of time that a recordable compact disc will remain viable once data has been burned onto it. Top manufacturers like Mitsui, Verbatim, Maxell, Memorex and TDK claim that premium discs, with protective coating and special dyes, will last 50 or even years.
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  6. Shaktigal   Kigasar
    This Is Your Life Lyrics: This is your life / This is your life / Crying in the subway / Lying to your wife / This is your life / Cold on the outside / Empty inside / Talk to yourself on the escalator.
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    Sep 24,  · This is your Life #1. MrPeer. Quote. Dec 10, at I want to make an own text with the same font. Please help me. MrPeer. Suggested font. Rockwell Suggested by tawm #2. tawm Quote. Dec 10, at If Rockwell isn't it, .
  8. JoJobar   Mikazragore
    Love Dave. Was a huge part of my teens and 20’s. The soundtrack to my life can be summed up in an actual soundtrack from the movie “IntoTheWild”. Eddie Vedder put my life on a CD. Love this record and consider it my favorite all time.
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