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  1. Zuk   Voodookazahn
    Jun 15,  · Maloof: We have to be careful with predictions, but spending we have seen during the pandemic is very much dependent on convenience – delivery, fast food, etc. Anything with a takeaway window is doing significantly better than businesses without that option.
  2. Bragami   Tygogore
    Jun 12,  · Oh, Lord, here we go. And for some of the entertainment value of it, sure — a lot of us in the band were at the time into it and played it up and had some fun. But I look back and I think I.
  3. Bragul   Felkree
    We're only spending a couple of days in Rome, so we have to be very pragmatic about what we can see. I spent about four years in Tokyo teaching English before eventually moving back to Canada. See also: amount, of, spend. spend (something) for (something) 1. To spend some amount of money in order to purchase some product or service.
  4. Taull   Nidal
    We spend a lot of time synonyms. Top synonyms for we spend a lot of time (other words for we spend a lot of time) are we spent a lot of time, we spend so much time and we spent a long time.
  5. Vudok   Fekazahn
    Jun 18,  · (Source: We Are Social) This is a slight difference from the average social media time recorded in – 2 hours, 22 minutes. However, compared to what we had in (1 hour), people are spending even more time in the social media world. 2. Facebook users are spending 38 minutes per day on the platform in (Source: Social Media Today).
  6. Kigal   Dijas
    (spend) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense spends, present participle spending, past tense, past participle spent 1. verb When you spend money, you pay money for things that you want.
  7. Moogushura   Taull
    Verb: spend (spent) spend. Use up a period of time in a specific way "how are you spending your summer vacation?"; - pass ; Pay out "spend money"; - expend, drop ; Spend completely "I spend my pocket money in two days" Noun: spend spend. Money paid out; an amount spent - outgo [archaic], spending, expenditure, outlay. Derived forms: spending.
  8. Zulkigul   Kazrazahn
    Spend definition is - to use up or pay out: expend. How to use spend in a sentence.

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